Wedding Venue French Riviera Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer Marianne Florek
Wedding Photographer Marianne Florek

Wedding Venue French Riviera Wedding Photographer This wedding photo of a bride in her wedding dress, with her hair and veil ready, truly represents the elegance and beauty every bride wishes to embody on her wedding day in wedding venue Villa la Vigie.

The white dress and white canvas with beautiful gold detailing give this photograph a pure, clean feeling. In the eyes of the bride, you can see joy and anticipation, as if she is looking into the future, thinking about the day awaiting her and her new life that will come after the wedding day. Her posture is elegant but at the same time very relaxed. She really was so comfortable and confident in her own skin. The lightning in this room was ideal.Softly falling in through the window, it gives this photograph a sense of positivity and comfort that you can only find on such a special and happy occasion as a wedding. The wedding took place in Monaco in an amazing Italian-style venue Villa la Vigie. It is located on the French Riviera and the interior and exterior were both so much fun and easy to photograph, as they were both just amazing looking. The architecture combined luxury and style together and on top of that, it was overlooking the sea. It is overall a very stylish and luxurious venue.

Location: Av. Princesse Grace, 06190 Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.