Marriage Proposal in Monaco photographed by wedding photographer Marianne Florek

This Marriage Proposal started with an urgent email from Christian. He sent me very simple and short request to capture His proposal for Marriage to his girl Brooke. During the few hours we talked on skype and he explained me more information.

He will come to Monaco from New York just for one night to ask his girl Brooke to marry him. She was on her holiday with her friend Lilly in France. Nobody new about this plan.

So we started creating of secret plan for his proposal for Marriage. We had Accomplice- Lilly, who knew that he will come as a surprise (she did knew about Marriage proposal).

I found a beautiful place in the Monaco Garden of Grace Kelly with stunning See view. Most crucial task was how we deliver our target- Brooke to Christian.

And here is the plan:

1. We meet with you (Christian) at 3.00 pm on the stairs of MUSÉE OCÉANOGRAPHIQUE ET AQUARIUM (you can see It on the map like Meeting point girls). Then you will move with my husband to your point (you can see It on the map).

2. I will meet girls at 3.30 pm on the stairs of MUSÉE OCÉANOGRAPHIQUE ET AQUARIUM (you can see It on the map like Meeting point girls). Please have a look at photo of me.

3. The best way to be sure that I have right people is that, They will come to me and Lilly asks if I can make a photo of them on the stairs. I will do it and ask them where they are from. Lilly will answer, that they are from USA for holiday.

4. Then I will move away and Lilly with Brooke will follow me to your point. They will just follow me, no discussion, no contact with me. I will bring them to your point. It is around 100 m to reach you.

5. From this point it is your game, Christian

Brooke, target                                                                                                    Lilly, Accomplice


Map of Secret Plan


And here you can see result of our secret plan in photographs from Marriage proposal in Monaco of Christian to Brooke. Enjoy all this beautiful event on the photographs of Marianne Florek, Wedding Photographer.


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Wedding Photographer Barcelona Marianne Florek


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Photography: Courtesy of Vera Wang

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